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Genial Santa Claus 2


Hello, Elf! Are You ready to help Santa Claus fulfill Christmas wishes?Do You think you have what is needed?Only the Elfs with the sharpest mind and dexterity will be able to slide the magic cards so they match and create all the Christmas toys for Santa.What are You waiting for? Install the game and let's see what are You made of?"Genial Santa Claus 2 - the Christmas Cards" is a beautiful child friendly Christmas game.In the game you help Santa Claus bring Christmas presents to children by matching 3+ Christmas cards in a row to create toys. The toys can be used to fulfill Christmas wishes and earn smiles.
If Santa Claus has no more presents to give, the game ends and you lose.
There are now 366 Christmas missions to complete.Get as many smiles as possible.Fulfill all wishes to get 3 stars.
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
Game Features:+ Holiday themed imagery and music+ 366 levels for long periods of fun+ Beautiful family friendly graphics+ Great exercise for your mind, challenge your mind and hand dexterity+ The game is really free, no in-app purchases+ Leaderboards and Achievements, find out who is the best Santa Elf.
Game Tips:+ Match more than 3 cards to get more presents+ After matching 3 cards you still have a small amount of time to add more matching cards to the row.+ You can slide more cards at once if you tap farther from the empty space+ Use taps instead of swipes, it's much faster+ Take a peek at the toys you are missing and try to make those, to get 3 stars